Cuney police force resigns

CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An entire East Texas police force has resigned, according to a former officer with the Cuney Police Department.

Two reserve officers resigned last week, and Tuesday morning the police chief and a part-time sergeant submitted their resignations, according to a former reserve officer, Gage Guinn.

It comes as a shock to many Cuney residents that will no longer have an acting police force in their city after the entire department simultaneously resigned.

"Their [residents] reactions are like, 'Oh my gosh, we don't want you to go," said former chief Michael Trawick.

Although the police chief and part-time sergeant resigned Tuesday, this process initially began last week when two reserve officers announced they were leaving, citing their fear in the newly elected Mayor Grace Beal.

"For one example the mayor had implemented a new policy if anything happened with the police vehicles we would have to contact her," Guinn said.

In this same city council meeting the new policy was put in place, the police chief at the time raised the question of safety and was given no alternative except to contact the mayor. These policies are why the police chief feels it's necessary to leave,

"I had two officers quit last week because of the mayor and then me and the sergeant this morning due to the mayor," Trawick said. "I love the city and I wish it would have worked out."

Leonard Tenner Jr., who resigned alongside the chief Tuesday and after turning down Beal's offer to take over Cuney chief position, reflected on what he will miss as he says goodbye to the town he's been with for years,

"I hate it because I love this city, I've been here for almost six years and I know a lot of the residents personally," Tenner said. "I'm going to miss it."

Each of the officers agreed the newly elected mayor put their future in law enforcement in jeopardy.

"She's like one way one day and then the next completely differently," Trawick said.

KLTV reached out to Beal for comment and after visiting her office was asked to return after lunch, but the doors remained locked after that.

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