Police: ‘Who goes and applies for a job and then steals a car in the parking lot?’

Police: ‘Who goes and applies for a job and then steals a car in the parking lot?’
(Source: KLTV Staff)
(Source: KLTV Staff)
(Source: KLTV Staff)
(Source: KLTV Staff)

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - A job application led to the arrest of an East Texas man.

30-year-old Courtney Cordell Wheat was arrested in Longview Wednesday morning after filling out a job application at a restaurant, then allegedly stealing a car from the parking lot.

"Who goes and applies for a job and then steals a car in the parking lot?" asked Roman Roberson with the Kilgore Police Department.

According to police, that's exactly what Wheat did Tuesday night at the Taco Bueno in Kilgore.

"The lady was like 'he just put in an application' and I was like 'are you serious?'" said Brandon Jones.

The Nissan 280 Z Wheat allegedly stole belongs to Brandon Jones. Jones says he went back inside the restaurant because they left out his son's kid's meal.

"I ran back up there and didn't think anything about it. Left it running right there by the door so I could get his food and come home and eat," Jones said.

Jones says as he was walking in, Wheat was walking out.

"I saw my car just dip down and I knew someone was in my car," Jones said.

That's when Jones says he went outside and unsuccessfully tried to break the car window.

"I was like 'Hey dude this is my car, what are you doing?' you know," Jones said.

Jones says a manager at Taco Bueno attempted to follow Wheat in the vehicle but was unsuccessful.

After getting Wheat's identity from the job application, Kilgore Police notified area law enforcement to be on the lookout for the car.

Longview police found wheat at the Budget Inn on Highway 80.

"It's an old car; I just didn't want him to wreck it. Everything on the inside is replaceable. I'm just glad he didn't wreck my car and trash it," Jones said.

It's a tale Kilgore Police decided to share on their Facebook page.

"The page a lot of time shows the humor and the lighter side of a lot of things we do," Roberson said.

But it also reminds drivers that the convenience of a moment isn't worth putting your valuables at risk.

Wheat was booked into the Gregg County Jail for unauthorized use of a vehicle. If convicted he could serve up to two years in prison.

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