Ammon Bundy arrested, 1 dead in Oregon

(RNN) – One person is dead and Ammon Bundy and others have been arrested in Oregon.

In a joint statement between the FBI and Oregon State Police, authorities identified the arrested as Ammon Bundy, his brother Ryan Bundy, Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox and Ryan Waylen Payne.

Authorities have confirmed one person is dead but would not identify them.

CNN reports shots were fired, but it's not clear who fired.

The group of armed activists have occupied a national wildlife refuge in rural Oregon since Jan. 2.

The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, OR, has been home to the protesters who gathered after a federal judge ordered Dwight Hammond and son Steven Hammond back to prison to serve the remainder of prison sentences for setting fire to federal lands.

The two were convicted in 2012 and sentenced to five years in prison for an act committed in 2001. The father served three months and the son a year before being released.

The protesters, led by Ammon Bundy, are calling  treatment of ranchers by the federal government unfair. Ammon Bundy is the son of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who helped lead a 2014 demonstration against a federal agency over grazing fees on federal lands.

Leaders of the Burns Paiute Indian tribe told the group to go home shortly after the standoff began. They said their ancestors had fought and died over the terrain, and that the protesters were not welcomed.

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