Veteran's flag, honorable discharge certificate found in wrecking-yard car

Veteran's flag, honorable discharge certificate found in wrecking-yard car

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - You never know what you'll find at a wrecking yard inside the cars, that is. At JoeBoy's U-Pull-It in Longview, an employee found an American flag in a shadow box, along with an honorable discharge certificate in the trunk of a car.

Kody Adkins works at JoeBoy's and was looking in the trunk of a 1997 Lincoln for a speaker when he spotted the flag.

"Crazy, crazy that something like that is out there in a yard car and no one knows where it's at. They could have been missing it forever," Adkins said.

They had also pulled a couple certificates out of the trunk. One was an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army with a name on it: Wanda Joyce Wilcox. Adkins thought none of it belonged in the trunk of a junked car.

"See if we can't get it back to the rightful owners. It could mean something to somebody. I'm sure it does," Adkins stated.

He felt it should go back to the owner or family members.

"They had someone that served in our military that took care of all of us, so why not get it back to them," Adkins said.

He and his co-worker said there was more in the trunk so they brought the car up and got back into the trunk.

"High school diploma in here," Adkins said digging through the trunk.

There was also a bin of dozens of pictures.

"There's a lot of family pictures. A picture's worth a thousand words, so there's no telling what it means to this family," Adkins said.

Many pictures were framed with family members of all ages. There were photo books and Wanda Joyce Wilcox's funeral flyer.

"She was born in 1961," Adkins read on the flyer.

The flyer said she passed away in 2010, and had two children, Natalie and Thomas.

The car was picked up and impounded in Longview in August of 2015 for being a non-running vehicle and no one came to pick it up.

So they do find unexpected things in car trunks at wrecking yards, but the American flag was different.

"That had to be the most important thing we found, though," Adkins added.

We have posted pictures of some of the items found in the trunk of that car here.

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