8 year old donates birthday money to foster children

Published: Jan. 14, 2016 at 10:01 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 15, 2016 at 2:12 AM CST
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LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - When kids are asked what they want for their birthday, they don't often request gifts for others, but that's exactly what an 8 year-old from Lindale requested.

Dryver Cowart's birthday is just around the corner. He could ask for a lot of things, but he asked for something for other kids.

"Duffle bags for foster kids. I'm inviting my friends and we're going to make them with chalk," Dryver said.

He means that he plans to decorate them with a kind of permanent chalk. The bags come from an organization called Together We Rise, and it provides a way to get bags, bikes and scholarships to foster kids.

Dryver's mom, Katherine Cowart, was looking at the website one day.

"She called me in and said 'would you like to do this for your birthday?' and I said 'let me think about it,'" Dryver recalled.

He found out the bags can stay in East Texas, and by the next morning, he had decided.

"I would like to do this," he proclaimed.

He had never done this before but he does have previous experience with duffle bags in general.

"I have made a bag before and I gave it to one of my friends," Dryver clarified.

His dad and mom also have some experience, with foster kids..

"We just recently became foster parents and got our first placement, so it's become very dear to our hearts," Katherine said.

And they know foster children often carry their few belongings in trash bags. They have so very little. Dryver decided to help by having:

"...A different birthday this year," Dryver revealed.

His party is going to have a bag decorating theme to be held at their church with maybe fifty bag decorators attending. Dryver's design will feature sports balls.

"And in the middle I'm going to put me holding a hand with a person that has a question on their face," Dryver described.

"For them to have something to call their own is a big deal," Katherine added.

And it's a big deal to just give up your birthday, but still:

"It makes me feel good," Dryver said.

And that's how you're supposed to feel on your birthday.

Dryver's goal was set at $500, but he's already over $2000. The bags are $25 each. If you'd like to contribute or find out more about the program just click here.

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