Part 2: Mahomes staying humble despite being in the national spotlight

Part 2: Mahomes staying humble despite being in the national spotlight

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - "For everyone here in Whitehouse that's been watching Patrick, you know from the time he was a young student coming up through our elementary schools and coming up through the junior highs. Everyone saw the potential there for what he could do and knew that he was just waiting on that opportunity," said Adam Cook, Whitehouse football Head Coach.

For former Wildcats quarterback Patrick Mahomes, his opportunity came in the form of a scholarship to Texas Tech University. Now the face of a big 12 program, Mahomes says their is still nothing like his original East Texas fans.

"It's awesome, they're really congratulatory and they congratulate me every time I see them. At the same time they keep me down to earth. They let me know that I'm just Patrick and they've known me forever. So it's awesome I have a lot of friends back here and I love coming back," said Mahomes.

Countless college football players have come through East Texas, especially the city of Whitehouse. But with the success he has had this season, Mahomes is really starting to make a name for himself and his hometown.

"I've got a custodian that we were talking about the game the other day, and he's from Louisiana, but he loves him some Patrick Mahomes," said Coach Cook.

On or off the field, there is just something about this young man that makes people smile. While that hasn't changed from East Texas to Lubbock and beyond. The tweaks in Mahomes game are something everyone can be happy about.

"I go back and look at the highlights of my high school days, and I was doing a lot of things out there but to me I was just kind playing off instinct. Coach Cook helped me out a lot here and helped me channel it a little bit, but just taking the next step with Coach Kingsbury was a huge thing for me," said Mahomes.

Finishing up his sophomore season with over 5,000 total yards, its no question that national attention will soon be following this Wildcat stud turned Red Raider superstar.

But, if your worried about Mahomes every getting to big for his small town, it's safe to say that will never be a problem.

"I mean it's just something that I watched my dad growing up and how he handled himself being a professional baseball player. He humbled himself, so me I just try to give all the thanks to god. I mean he doesn't have to give me all these opportunities, so just having this opportunity is awesome and I'm just trying to appreciate that," said Mahomes.

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