Mysterious large white cat spotted in Cass county

Published: Jan. 7, 2016 at 11:38 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 8, 2016 at 2:42 AM CST
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HUGHES SPRINGS, TX (KLTV) - East Texans living in a rural community have reported seeing a ghostly image walking through the treelines for the past two months, a mystery
that may have been solved by some cell phone video.

Residents have reported seeing a large white shape moving through the pastures and tree-lines along FM 130, near Hughes Springs, along the Cass-Morris county line.

Experts are skeptical about what exactly the ghost is. What was captured on video could be one of the rarest sights in nature. The landowner who took it, believes it's an albino mountain lion.

"When I first saw the white animal, the first thing I thought was, it was a dog. I feel blessed to actually be able to see it," said landowner Mitchell
 Cox took his video to Morris County sheriff's to examine. In video taken in late November from about 50 yards away, the cat leaps over a stream, and freezes.
"The cat jumps across about a 6 foot creek there. At first, my initial thought was it was an edited video, but upon talking to people I believe it's
true. A white albino mountain lion," says investigator Hershel Stroman, of the Morris County Sheriff's Office.
Other neighbors have seen the big cat, too.
"Our kids come in the house all the time saying they seen a big cat, seen a big cat, and we just passed it off as a big field cat. It's too scary,"
says Jerry and Amy Dorough.

Biologists at Texas A & M Overton, who viewed the video, say until tangible evidence is found, they believe the video evidence probably shows a very large domestic cat. But those who have seen it, say they know what they saw.
"No. That's too big for a house cat. I actually showed it to a couple of game wardens during hunting season," Cox says.
"I've seen mountain lions around this area, but never a white one," Stroman says.
Texas A & M biologists say it would be very unlikely that a big cat, particularly a white mountain lion, would be moving around and be seen during
daylight hours. But residents along FM 130 tell us they're positive it was a white mountain lion.
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