Identical twin brothers competing to win sheriff election

Published: Dec. 22, 2015 at 11:55 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 30, 2015 at 8:35 PM CST
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Barry Washington (Source: KLTV News Staff)
Barry Washington (Source: KLTV News Staff)
Harry Washington (Source: KLTV News Staff)
Harry Washington (Source: KLTV News Staff)

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas county will have to look very close when picking their next sheriff.
Identical twin brothers are running for sheriff in Hopkins County.

Harry and Barry Washington are two brothers who got into law enforcement and are now both running for the same position.

Barry started out as a teacher and a coach, then joined DPS to work toward his dream of becoming a Texas Ranger.

"That was my goal, so I had to be a highway patrolman to be a ranger, so I knew that I gonna have to have a successful highway patrol career, and I did," says Barry.

Barry says that while he did not become a Ranger, he went to three Ranger Boards and had a successful career in DPS receiving three director citations for his work in criminal interdiction.

Barry says Harry, his younger-by-one-minute brother, got into law enforcement as well.

"He's kind of responsible for me getting into law enforcement, and in doing so he said, "You won't make a lot of money, but I think you'll enjoy it," and I've been blessed," says Harry.

"I didn't know I had an impression on him. I didn't know that he would ever get in to law enforcement," says Barry.

In both of their careers, while Harry worked undercover, and Barry worked highway patrol, their paths crossed on several occasions.

"There was a lady that I stopped on the highway, I'm sure she thought she saw a ghost because Harry, and them were working her undercover wise, so there's been 2 or 3 times along the way that it can get really interesting for us," says Barry.

As time has passed, they admit some personality differences have grown between them. This race, however, has brought them together once again. Regardless of the outcome, they say, they'll still support each other.

"We're gonna be brothers 'til the end of the world; we're gonna be biological brothers to the end of the world and we're gonna be spiritual brothers forever," says Barry.

Barry and Harry aren't the only ones running for sheriff. Two other candidates, Warren Mitchell and Lewis Tatum, are also on the ballot.
The election for Hopkins County sheriff will be held on March 1.

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