Alto player Cam'ron Matthews' death not caused by aneurysm, report shows

Published: Dec. 10, 2015 at 1:43 AM CST|Updated: Dec. 10, 2015 at 2:34 AM CST
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(Source: KLTV viewer photo)
(Source: KLTV viewer photo)

ALTO, TX (KLTV) - On October 16, Alto varsity player Cam'ron Matthews was airlifted to the hospital from the football field after collapsing. He died the next day at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler.

Initial reports indicated that Matthews' death was the result of an aneurysm. However, Smith County Justice of the Peace James Cowart says the autopsy report shows he died from "blunt impact to the head."

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Cowart says that there was no indication of aneurysm, but that Matthews suffered "anoxic encephalopathy following resuscitation from cardiac arrest from unspecified blunt impact," according to the autopsy report which was released this week.  He explained to us that this means Matthews' brain could not get enough oxygen due to lack of blood flow caused by swelling of his brain. This was caused by blunt impact, he says.

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