State of Tyler's water system

State of Tyler's water system


Tyler's city budget goes into effect Thursday which means approved funding for the city's expanding and aging water system.

If you get water through the city, you'll notice your rates increasing but the water utilities department says that's needed to keep it's system working. 

Since January 1, the water utilities department has responded to 224 leaks ranging from minor to major.

Water utilities director Greg Morgan says it's downtown and North Tyler that have older lines and typically get the most calls for spot improvements.

"Areas of the city that probably go back to the early part of the 20th century early 1900s 1920 range and then we have parts of the system that are brand-new that were installed last year, says Morgan."

Morgan says 98 projects totaling 73.4 million dollars have been placed on the 10-year plan. Of which over $27 million will be spent on state or EPA regulatory projects. He adds his department is balancing maintenance of existing lines and identifying where new services need to be added.

"It's also upgrading infrastructure making replacements and adding the lines so it's a continual process, Morgan says."

Morgan says a line loop about to go in will allow crews to shut down parts of the system without interrupting service. Adding some of those upgrades include meters helping customers identify leaks or problems with irrigation systems.

“We have a system that actually allows us to go in and look at a customer’s water consumption in one-hour increments so we can watch around the clock, Morgan says."

Morgan says planning for future costs has saved the city and taxpayers money in the present. Adding it also keeps rates from climbing by double digits as seen elsewhere in East Texas.

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