James Calvert's ex: 'No doubt' he murdered estranged wife in 2012

James Calvert's ex: 'No doubt' he murdered estranged wife in 2012

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Day two of testimony in the capital murder trial of James Calvert started Wednesday morning much like every other court appearance by the capital murder suspect, with the defendant filing several motions.

Already familiar from months of courtroom antics leading up to the trial, Smith County Judge Jack Skeen denied Calvert's motion after he requested assigned seating and a list of identities of the jurors. Calvert's motion to identify court reporters when they switch out was also denied.

Proceedings began Tuesday as Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham called to the stand Deirdre Adams, Calvert's first wife. The two were married from 1997 to 2000, and had one son together.

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Adams said she developed a friendship with Jelena Sriraman, Calvert's ex-wife whom he is suspected of murdering in Oct 2012, for 6 to 7 years. She said the two had an understanding that should something happen, the other would "make sure justice is served."

"I was afraid for her [Jelena], I knew what I went through" Adams told the court. "We knew something would happen eventually to one or the both of us."

Adams said Calvert had threatened her and her family in the past, and had "no doubt" what happened when she heard from a friend that shots were fired at Sriraman's home, and news of Sriraman's death.

Calvert also questioned Adams, who, much like Srirman's husband Arvind, would only look briefly at the defendant before looking away to answer the question.

Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Biggs continued the state's case by calling Security Sgt. Jack Lanier to the stand. Lanier described the surveillance system in place at the Smith County Courthouse. The state admitted courthouse video of Calvert entering and leaving the building on October 31, 2012, not even an hour before the murder. According to police, Sriraman was found dead around noon that day.

Prosecutors also called Texas Ranger Brent Davis to the stand, who performed the crime scene photography on behalf of the Smith County Da and Tyler Police Department. Davis said it appeared Sriraman was attempting to leave the home and was shot several times. When he was asked about one photo of the home's damaged door frame, Davis replied "it doesn't take a door kick expert" to tell what that is.

James Calvert is accused in the murder of Jelena Sriraman on October 31, 2012, before kidnapping their son Lucas and fleeing to Louisiana. The Smith County DA has said they intend to seek the death penalty in the case.

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