Firefighters make unusual rescue, save squirrel

Firefighters make unusual rescue, save squirrel

WHITE OAK, TX (KLTV) - You've heard of firefighters rescuing cats from trees before, but one East Texas rescue was for an unusual mascot family, right at their own fire station.

After fighting a small grass fire, White Oak firefighters returned to their main station, expecting to be greeted by their makeshift mascot.

A squirrel raising 4 babies had moved into their nearby siren tower.

"The squirrel had been living in our siren tower for a while, and our assistance chief had been feeding it. It would come around all the time. It's not scared of people at all. It comes around when we're all at the station. It comes up to us," says White Oak Fire Chief Robin Kelm.
But on Sunday, the squirrel did not come around.

"We found her dead on the road, and one of our elite captains decided to go up in the tower and try to save her young ones. We did save one," Kelm says.
Firefighters climbed the 40-foot tower to save the remaining babies to see what could be done to help them survive. Only one was rescued. Three of the babies did not make it.

The baby was taken home by one station member to be nursed to health.
"We'll try to keep it around and let it become our station mascot," the chief says.
The firefighters are using a formula that is similar to cats milk to nourish the baby squirrel.
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