Cards made by Tyler 10-year-old are bringing officers to tears

Cards made by Tyler 10-year-old are bringing officers to tears
Some of Savannah Solis' thank you cards
Some of Savannah Solis' thank you cards

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Hand painted cards filled with glitter are landing at police departments all over the country. They are being made by a little girl from Tyler, and her message is bringing officers to tears.

"I want to be a voice for all kids," says Savannah Solis, a 10-year-old girl from Tyler who is thanking officers for their service, "Officers all across Texas, you matter to me."

"Just to know there are kids out there with a heart like hers, it's very inspiring," says Kevin Fite, a criminal investigator for the Smith County District Attorney's Office.

Savannah Solis has brought tears to the eyes of officers from Austin to Smith County. The Smith County District Attorney's Office honored Savannah Tuesday by naming her an honorary investigator.

"They think I'm a hero too, I'm going to be one when I'm older. I'll try," says Solis.

Solis is preparing to meet the families of the men who inspired her thank you mission.

"Next Tuesday, I'll be meeting Mrs. Ramos and Mrs. Liu. I'm excited about that too," says Solis.

She says seeing the outpour of support for the slain New York City police officers made her also want to reach out to law enforcement officers.

"I know they're having a rough time ... I want to help them out too and make them have a big smile on their face," says Solis.

Solis also wants to show people what a simple thank you card can do.

Savannah Solis says she wants to be a police officer who trains K9 units when she grows up. She leaves for New York City on Monday and will be honored by the Texas House of Representatives next month with a resolution in her name.

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