Does It Work: Perfect Bacon Bowl

Published: Feb. 4, 2015 at 3:00 AM CST
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(KLTV) - You've probably had soup in a bowl made of bread, but now there's something that blows that away. It's hard to go wrong using the dessert of meats for anything, but the Perfect Bacon Bowl was something that I couldn't pass up, and just had to ask: Does It Work?

The Perfect Bacon Bowl claims everything tastes better in a bacon bowl, although I will never know since I'm sticking to my diet.

"You know, few foods have enjoyed a revival over the past 10-12 years like bacon, and I can't wait to do this," I said.

The kit comes with two bacon bowl molds and instructions.

"Bowl can be used in the microwave, toaster oven or the oven," I read aloud.

First you use cooking spray applied with a paper towel.

The instructions say to use three slices of bacon, cutting one in half.

Using the short pieces, "you make an X," I read from the instructions.

Then, you sort of sculpt the other two strips of bacon covering the bowl mold, fat side up, and soon we have a lump of: "bacon, bacon, bacon," I said.

We set it for two minutes and thirty seconds. Then I carefully take it out, but it's okay because: "I'm a professional," I said.

The reservoir surrounding the bowl is nearly full of scalding grease.

"But the plastic's not hot," I observed.

Then I pour off the grease.

"Into this coffee cup," I stated.

Let it cool a couple minutes, then pop it off.

"How do you get it off?" I wondered aloud.

It wouldn't budge. I tried twisting, shaking, smacking, then went back to twisting, and "oh, almost, almost," I said.

The bacon bowl popped off, but was more of a breaking bowl than bacon bowl. A shorter cooking time made the release easier on the next few bowls: mold, cook, drain and pop them out.

"Ah, look at that," I said.

It takes a few tries, but you get the hang of it.

"Come on down, we're cranking out the bacon bowls, folks," I offered," but they really are more like bacon ramekins, aren't they?"

Okay, let's fill them up. On the box, lettuce and tomato, mac and cheese and ice cream with chocolate sauce are suggested.

"That's really good," said a brave volunteer taste tester with his mouth full of bacony sundae.

It was like you would imagine. Everything's better with bacon, except my diet.

"You know this report should come with a disclaimer. A full package of bacon, that much bacon grease," I said looking at a half-a-coffee cup full of grease.

"I'll just put it over here by the coffee pot," I said.

There's definitely a learning curve getting the cook time right for bowl removal, but everyone thinks it's worth learning.

Does it Work? We give the Perfect Bacon Bowl a yes.

We found the Perfect Bacon Bowl at CVS for less than $6, but regular price is around $10.

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