E. Texas organizations' offers to help Klein Animal Shelter turned away

Animals taken away in trailer from Klein Animal Shelter
Shelter employees would not say where the animals were going. (Source: KLTV Staff)
Shelter employees would not say where the animals were going. (Source: KLTV Staff)

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - About 10 crates filled with animals piled in the back of a trailer sat in front of Klein Animal Shelter Monday.

The shelter's executive director, Angela Wallace, was arrested Friday and charged with animal cruelty, illegal euthanasia and assault on a former employee.

Now, residents across East Texas wonder where the animals housed there are and what has happened to them. Many people said they are unable to reach any of the shelter board members, while local rescue organizations said they are ready and willing to help, but have been turned away.

The doors were locked at the shelter Monday. Employees inside said other organizations were taking the animals piled in front of the shelter.

"Today we're really a little bit confused because we aren't hearing from them. We don't really know where the animals are going," Deborah Dobbs, the SPCA of East Texas Director, said.

Dobbs said no local organizations, like the SPCA, has heard anything. She says they weren't allowed to take animals from Klein despite efforts to do just that.

"Yesterday we were there for two or three hours and were hoping to get some animals released to us yesterday, but they were unable to do it at that time," Dobbs explained.

Dr. Gary Spence said he offered his veterinary services along with several other clinics around East Texas. They even suggested an adoption day. Plenty are on board, he said, including local animal rescues, veterinarians, and even a burger joint offering to feed volunteers, but there has been no response from Klein animal shelter.

"I've got all these people wanting to help, but they just need to be directed on which route to go, and if Klein, if they would just open up to us, we're not the bad guys," he explained.

One couple headed out to the shelter from Bullard to try to adopt a pet, but no one opened the door.

The employee we spoke with said the public won't be allowed to adopt any animals because they are being sent away.

"We assume those are rescue groups from other places, but we just don't know," Dobbs said.

The shelter has directed all callers to leave a message and a board member will respond, but we haven't heard back. Dr. Gary Spence tried again Monday.

"And as I was leaving a message they picked up, and one of the girls that's one of the managers that's down there now, she told me that they were releasing some of the animals to some of the rescue groups," he recalled.

They told him they had to have the shelter cleared out by Friday.

"The situation, if handled correctly, can become a good situation for everybody, mostly the animals," he said.

Many of our viewers said they haven't heard back either. Those wishing to help are stuck.

"We're gathering up all the supplies; we've loaded our vans with kennels and crates, and we've got some people on standby," Dobbs said.

"It's time to cut your losses, come forward and try to do the right thing," Dr. Spence said.

When he visited the shelter last week he told us it was a nice facility. He hopes it can be re-opened with proper direction to serve the animals. We also reached out to the president of the board, but have not heard back.

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