Vet: 'It's obvious no care was given to this dog' at Klein Animal Shelter

Published: Jan. 16, 2015 at 11:30 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 17, 2015 at 1:53 AM CST
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'Henry' seen on Thursday when he arrived to a Tyler veterinary hospital from the Klein Animal...
'Henry' seen on Thursday when he arrived to a Tyler veterinary hospital from the Klein Animal Shelter.

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The journey is a long one for 'Henry,' a dog who was taken to a local animal shelter and not given proper medical care, according to a veterinarian taking care of the dog.

"Probably what happened is he was hit by a tall truck and a bumper hit him across his back," Dr. Gary Spence said.

After 'Henry' was hit by a vehicle, he was taken to Klein Animal Shelter and injuries show he was left in a cage for an extended period of time.

"As far as something coming out from a shelter that's supposed to be helping the animals, this is not real good. It's obvious no care was given to this dog," Spence said. "This dog stayed in his cage for seven days."

Henry, unable to move on his own, is in need of surgery to fix fractures in his back.

"He's on pain meds, heavy steroids, and he's on his way to Texas A&M for surgery," Spence said.

But in his one-day stay in a Tyler veterinary hospital, 'Henry' has already shown signs of improvement.

"[Thursday] we had to pull down to get any kind of pain response, [Friday] I just gotta pinch him and he'll pull back," Spence said. "His withdraw reflexes have improved quite a bit in just eighteen hours."

A rescue organization took 'Henry' to the Small Animal Hospital at Texas A&M University so that he can have the surgery he needs to improve.

"He's a really good candidate," Spence said. "Texas A&M does wonderful work and if anybody is going to recover it will be this dog."

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