132-year-old rifle found in desert

132-year-old rifle found in desert

GREAT BASIN NATIONAL PARK, NV (CNN) - A relic of the Old West has popped up in a Nevada desert.

A 132-year-old Winchester rifle was found propped up against a tree in Great Basin National Park. Park employees found it in November and the photo was posted to the park's Facebook website this month.

The serial number and model name are still visible on the rifle. From all the rust and erosion, it's clear the rifle sat there unnoticed for decades - perhaps more than a century - park officials say.

The Cody West Firearms Museum determined the gun was made in 1882. The park has said it will provide a viewing opportunity for the community before sending it to conservators to stabilize the wood, a treatment that will prevent deterioration.

The rifle will become part of a display commemorating the park's 30th anniversary next year and the National Park Service's centennial celebration.

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