No weapons found after lockdown at John Tyler High School

Lockdown lifted at John Tyler High School

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Friday morning panicked parents and family members lined the gates outside John Tyler High School after it was placed in lockdown.

A lockdown at John Tyler High School was lifted just before 11:30 a.m. on Friday. The school was placed on lockdown around 10:50 a.m. after rumors of an altercation on campus.

"My nerves can't handle it," said Rebecca Washburne, grandmother to a John Tyler student. "In fact, I just want to homeschool her."

According to Tyler Independent School District, there was a rumor of an altercation planned between two students involving a weapon.

"A student overheard a possible altercation between two students. So that student came forward and reported that," said Dawn Parnell, communications director at Tyler ISD.

The campus took precautionary action to ensure and secure the safety of students and staff.

"The lights were off. The teacher was telling everybody to be quiet, and we had to hide so it was pretty scary," said student Katlynn Fasing.

School officials located the two students rumored to be involved. The students were not sent home, however their parents were notified. No weapons were found on campus.

"There was no altercation, said Parnell. "There were no weapons involved, and so appropriate conversations took place at that time," .

Parnell says they are relieved the rumor was nothing more than a false alarm, but she says the student that reported it did the right thing.

"We're very proud of this student, and we want to encourage all students to do that. If they hear of any rumors that they communicate that to the campus staff and let them know," Parnell said.

The district used their Blackboard Connect system to call or text parents when the lockdown went into place and when it was lifted. Classes resumed as scheduled after the lockdown.

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