The cat and duck that won't leave each other's side

Published: Nov. 9, 2014 at 11:19 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 10, 2014 at 3:35 AM CST
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Grayson and Peepers spend every day together. (Source: KLTV Staff)
Grayson and Peepers spend every day together. (Source: KLTV Staff)

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They are an unlikely pair, a cat and a duck, and you could say fate brought them together.

A Tyler area veterinarian, known for taking in strays, has many rescued animals that call the clinic home. He's got dogs and cats, birds and a duck. He doesn't seem to discriminate about who or what walks into the clinic and neither do the animals that live there.

Early Sunday morning Peepers the duck sat waiting. She quacked away, at a partially shut door on the inside of the clinic. Her friend seemed to be late for their morning walk. They haven't missed one in two years.

"They're just, I mean, they're buddies. Yeah," Dr. Gary Spence, a veterinarian, said.

When Grayson the cat arrives, the two are off to wander the halls of Spence and White Veterinary Clinic. It has been their morning routine ever since Peepers landed here.

"Well, Peepers came from, she belonged to two girls that were up at UT and this was going to be their apartment duck," Dr. Spence explained.

They didn't click, so Peepers ended up at the clinic, a lost duck.

As for Grayson, her four-legged best friend, Dr. Spence said, "I had an 8-month-old cat, Grayson, at the time, that adopted her."

Wherever Grayson goes, Peepers isn't far behind.

"They sleep together. They play together. She does this dance to her. That's her little Grayson dance. And, I mean, they're just best friends," Dr. Spence said.

There are plenty of other animals around, but those two always stick together.

"The cat took the duck under his wing and raised her and they're best friends," he explained.

It's a tale that proves even the most unlikely friendship can take flight.

"There's really some weird pairings that will occur. And, you know, this one needed a friend and Grayson needed a friend at the time and they just buddied up," he said.

And isn't that really all we need? To find someone to walk, or waddle, beside us.

Dr. Spence said he decided quickly that he wouldn't be getting rid of Grayson or Peepers because the two shared such a bond. For patients and their owners who visit the clinic, the cat and the duck that wander the halls has just become the norm.

The two check up on the other animals staying with them.

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