Hit-and-run victim's friend: 'I just don't see how anyone could be so cold'

Hit-and-run victim's friend: 'I just don't see how anyone could be so cold'

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Alex Osiadacz

The family of Kenneth Jones, Jr., is pleading for help after losing their loved one in Monday night's fatal hit and run.

"If anyone out there knows who hit this young man and left him out there to die, please contact the police," Kenneth's aunt Nancy Lewis begged.

Jones was hit at the intersection of NNW Loop 323 and Highway 110 on Monday night. Tyler Police are looking for a vehicle with front-end damage but have no suspects.

"His mother said he went to the service station, and she didn't worry about him coming home because sometimes when he would go out he'd go by a friend's house," Lewis said.

Lewis remembers her nephew fondly, and said he was taking taking courses to help support his family.

"He was trying to do right and take care of his elderly parents," Lewis said.

Leah Bloomfield was working at the Exxon Station near the intersection where Jones was hit, when a customer ran inside and told her to call 911.

"The guy that came through there and ran over him and left the scene hit and had another guy come up and didn't see him laid out in the road," Bloomfield said, "They literally ran him over."

Bloomfield said Jones was a regular customer of her gas station.

"And I'm just devastated over that because he was a good guy, and I just don't see how anybody could be so cold," Bloomfield said.

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