Mother earns GED and gets 'special time' back with daughter

Mother earns GED and gets 'special time' back with daughter

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - One East Texas mother celebrated more than Mother's Day Sunday. She also celebrated her upcoming graduation.

The Tyler Literacy Council will graduate many East Texans Thursday through their GED program. Those graduates are adults who hadn't finished high school. For one graduate, earning her GED has given her the most precious moments back with her daughter.

It was a moment interrupted.

"It would be hard for her to do it," Samantha VanZant, who's mother never graduated from high school, said.

"My math skills were probably at a second or third degree level, so when she got to the fourth grade I was like I don't even know how to help her," Felicia Ramos, Samantha's mother, explained.

For Felicia Ramos helping her daughter with her homework was a special time together, but that moment she realized she could no longer understand the problems, took that time away.

"This last couple years have been really hard for us, so I put in my mind that everybody was right, that you have to get a education in order to live a better life," Ramos said.

Felicia never graduated from high school and in just a few years her daughter will be faced with a similar decision.

"Now that she's ten, she's going to look back and think, well, my mom didn't graduate high school, why did I?"

Felicia hopes when she puts on her cap and gown she will be encouraging her daughter to make a different choice.

"So, this is making an example that she'll be able to see me graduate Thursday and then I'll also graduate college," Ramos said.

And on this Mother's Day her daughter has even more pride for her mother.

"I'm proud of her and I'm very happy that she's graduating. It proves that people in different ages can still go to school and graduate," Samantha said.

Now, Felicia is grateful for a new moment together. The one Thursday when she walks across the graduation stage.

"I feel silly about it because I'm 39-years-old, but I'm very excited," Felicia said.

And she said she's also gotten back that special time together.

"Now it's going to be easier to help her with her homework because I kind of got a grasp on algebra," Felicia laughed.

She is already signed up for classes at Tyler Junior College and hopes to join the medical field come graduation. Her daughter said she plans to go to college, like her mom, and become a veterinarian.

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