Children with head lice allowed in classrooms at TISD

Children with head lice allowed in classrooms at TISD

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Children with head lice are now allowed to attend Tyler ISD schools even before they are treated. This decision comes after the Texas Administration Code was changed last year to allow students with head lice to stay in class. TISD administrators said the School Health Advisory Committee met Thursday and a unanimous decision was made to comply with that new code. The Tyler ISD health coordinator said their goal is to keep students in the classroom.

The CDC said lice is spread by head to head contact and that it is unlikely that you pick it up from objects. The health coordinator said that though lice are a nuisance, they are not harmful. Head lice don't jump or fly so she said it is not as easily spread. Also, by the time head lice are noticed they have already been on a person's scalp for three to six weeks before any symptoms. She said, ultimately, it is more beneficial to keep the children in school than to keep them home due to head lice.

We asked if this had anything to do with funding for the school by keeping more students in the classroom.

"Good question. This came up ... actually we had a couple of parents that were concerned because they had several bouts of head lice in their school, so they brought it to the districts attention and we formed a little committee with parents and district representatives and this is what we came up with, with the help of parents. It has nothing to do with funding," Cindy Fancher, the TISD Health Coordinator, said.

She also mentioned that they began allowing students with head lice to stay in school this school year.

She said parents have had concerns, but once this new code is explained, most are supportive.

This new code will be reflected in the Tyler ISD handbook in the fall.

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