Now You See It: Transgender teacher returns to Texas school

Now You See It: Transgender teacher returns to Texas school

LUMBERTON, TX (KBMT/CNN) - A transgender substitute teacher will return to the classroom in Lumberton, Texas.

Thursday night, the packed Lumberton ISD board room was divided not  by race or by income, but by ideals. The subject in question was whether transgender substitute teacher Laura Jane Klug should keep her job with the district.

"This is a constitutional issue. You have to ask yourself, is there any rational reason for her termination," said one parent.

Supporters rallied behind Klug, who sat quietly amongst supporters.

"My understanding is that she does her job. Not just that, she does it pretty good apparently because there's not been one parent to rebuttal that," a parent said.

Some told the board of trustees their own struggles of being accepted.

"My question is this. When do we start focusing more on the education than the gender?" a tearful parent said.

Concerned parents stood up to the board of trustees and superintendent John Valastro, telling the district that Klug does not belong amongst students.

"This has caused elementary students to be confused. Asking questions of their parents wondering why a female teacher has facial hair. We are just now talking to our kids about the birds and the bees. I'm not sure how we're supposed to explain this. He hired in as a male. He is a male."

Other parents took a less subtle approach with trustees when voicing concerns.

"I will be at the ballot box, and I will vote. Thank you," an opposing parent said.

Though Klug later admitted some of what was said was hurtful, she says supporters helped her keep her composure.

"We're not asking for anything special, we're just asking for equal rights. I am capable of doing a job," Klug said.

Within a few hours after meeting with Superintendent Valastro and trustees, Klug says Valastro said the district must do what's right according to the law, and the district welcomed Klug back into the classroom.

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