Hidden camera catches ETX peace officer breaking into a vehicle

Reginald Wilson was arrested for breaking into vehicles at a Tyler health club. (Source: Tyler PD)
Reginald Wilson was arrested for breaking into vehicles at a Tyler health club. (Source: Tyler PD)

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man is sharing the video he captured that put a local peace officer behind bars.

David Spivey set up a camera to catch the person stealing money out of his truck.

He thought that person was a family member. He said, "It took me a bunch of money to figure out it wasn't a family member, a bunch of time, a bunch of patience, and a bunch of good friends."

Instead, the camera caught Spivey's trainer, Reginald Wilson, opening Spivey's truck door while he was inside Woodcreek Athletic Club, working out.

"I mean it just goes to show you, you can't trust anybody," Spivey says.

Spivey says the video shows Wilson get into the truck with empty hands, then leave with something in his right hand. "It's pretty self explanatory; my hand went in empty and came out with green stuff."

Spivey took the video to Tyler police, who then arrested Wilson. Wilson worked as a peace officer in Whitehouse and was also an independent personal trainer who worked out of Woodcreek Athletic Club.

Spivey's friend parked nearby and caught a second video of Wilson getting into Spivey's car.

"I have outside footage and I also have inside camera showing what I caught him doing," Spivey says. "It is what it is; I can't do anything about it. I'm just glad that it's not happening anymore."

He says he thought his wallet was safer in the car than in the gym, "The only thing I ever took in there was the key. Who would have thought that somebody would go into my locker, get a key out and go in my truck? Especially my trainer."

Spivey says he's just happy to know the truth and will continue to work out at the same gym.

Wilson is charged with two counts of burglary of a vehicle. He is no longer employed by the Whitehouse Police Department.

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