Newgate Mission links arms with Martha's Kitchen to feed the hungry

Newgate - Martha's Kitchen

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Two East Texas organizations are joining forces to feed the needy.

Monday, Newgate Mission in Longview announced that they are teaming up with Martha's Kitchen. They say that since Martha's Kitchen already works under Newgate's roof, so it just made sense they all be under the same umbrella.

Martha's Kitchen used to be in another building, but within the last few years, they began using Newgate's kitchen to cook for the needy as a separate entity within Newgate's walls.

"Joining together helps us to coordinate things administratively, to use our buying power to be better stewards with the money that we have to spend to provide meals," said Newgate Executive Director Jennene Laurinec.

Newgate also recently acquired another building where their offices will soon be located. They will remodel the existing building with a bigger dining hall, showers and larger bathrooms.

You can visit Newgate's website at They're located at 207 S. Mobberly, and can be reached at 903-757-6146.

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