19-year-old returns $2,800 found in McDonald's parking lot

KVLY/KXJB- A teen in Minnesota has proven that good Samaritans really exist. She found an envelope stuffed with cash and did the right thing.

Erica Clark had met her parents at a Park Rapids McDonald's that day just like she had done many times before. When they finished eating, she walked to her car and started to sit down in the driver seat when she noticed something in the snow.

"I was just about to close the door, and I looked down and I saw an envelope...it was partially covered with snow and I was just expecting to be like mail or something," explains Erica.

What was inside the envelope shocked her. When Erica opened the envelope, she saw a stack of one hundred dollar bills. At 19-years-old in a McDonald's parking lot, she was holding more money in her hands than she had ever laid eyes on. Shocked, the first thing the teen did was call her father.

"I can't believe someone lost this much money. I couldn't believe what they were feeling at this point. So I called  my dad and he told me to come home and we would take it to the police station right away," says Erica.

That is where Lieutenant Tory Jacobson says his day was made.

"Well, I certainly haven't seen larger than $2,800 found and turned into the police department in my 24 years in the department," says Jacobson.

It turns out that the money belonged to a man who had dropped it on his way to buy a truck. Erica says the man was surprised to get his money back.

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