ETX mother battling breast cancer receives big Christmas surprise

ETX family receives Christmas surprise.
ETX family receives Christmas surprise.

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Thousands of East Texans have come together to make this Christmas very special for one single mother of five battling stage four breast cancer.

Jackie Adams has battled breast cancer for the last five years, and with the cost of her treatments taking priority, she was not sure how much of a Christmas her five children would have this year, but then a group of men stepped forward.

They are all members of a Facebook page called "The Man Cave."

"I figured we needed a place for the guys to go to buy, sell and trade their stuff and it just kind of took off," said Michael Hancock, who helped start the group.

When Hancock and other group members heard Adams' story, they decided to give back.

"I've got my son here with me. I just wanted to be able to show him that it's always good to give back. It's not always about what you get every year. All the guys from "The Man Cave" were great at putting the word out, you know, getting donations brought in and everything," Hancock said.

"East Texans are pretty generous and there is a lot of faith in East Texas, so just a lot of hope went into it and they stepped up and showed us what they could do this year," Hancock said.

A group of members brought in a truck full of presents along with checks and cash for the Adams family who could not be more thankful.

"They are having a great time tonight and I don't know how we could have made anything remotely close to this possible," Adams said.

"These people have the biggest hearts and to open them up to a family that they don't even know, that are complete strangers, is just amazing. I mean, they have their own families to buy for and it's just really sweet and a miracle that they would be willing to open their hearts to us," Adams said.

She said this spirit of generosity is not uncommon in East Texas, the place she was born and chose to raise her children.

"I wouldn't want to raise my children any where else. I hope my kids remember this and are able to do this for someone else one day," she said.

If you would like to donate to Jackie Adams and her family, American State Banks in Tyler are accepting donations.

Members of "The Man Cave" said they plan on making this toy drive an annual event.

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