Seniors Sound Off On Congressional Candidates

If you watch the ads from Repblican Louie Gohmert and Democrat Max Sandlin, you would think the most important issue to East Texas voters is trade sanctions on China, but is that what these East Texas voters care about?

"As a matter of fact, I don't care much about that at all," says senior William Smith. He says he'd like to hear the candidates talk about more senior issues like the high cost of prescription drugs.

"Some people's medication cost just as much as they bring in on social security," he says.

Another issue seniors say they haven't heard much about is education and how both candidates plan to lower taxes.

The seniors say when the candidates don't talk about these issues, it sends a strong message.

"Like I am an old person being ignored," says Smith.

Seniors also say they're tired of seeing attack ads from both candidates.

"I don't believe in mudslinging," says senior Matt Bragg.

"I think attack ads are very rude. I think they should talk about what they want done and leave the other person alone," says Judith Smith.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.