Smith County's first licensed brewery opens for business

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Smith County's first licensed brewery is officially up and running.

The True Vine Brewing Company in Tyler just became certified by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

The three men behind the brewery say a simple book about the Guinness family is what started the idea.

"I hope people are really excited to know that Tyler has its very own craft brewery. I hope they're intrigued to try our new product and I hope they're also proud of us," says Stephen Lee, one of the founders and owners of True Vine Brewing Company.

The brewery is now licensed to make and sell beer.

"We'll be able to have it locally on local taps. We're all about locally owned so your favorite restaurant is where we're going to be," says Ryan Dixon, the head brewer for True Vine Brewing Company.

"Wherever we can, we're going to collaborate with local ingredients, other local companies to build beers around that," Lee says.

The men of True Vine Brewery hope people who try their beer get a taste of East Texas.

"We're bringing Tyler into all of our creations, it's a fantastic way for us to use our artistry in brewing. For example, our rose city pale ale is coined 'rose city' because of Tyler but it also has rose in it," says Dixon.

The men say it takes around a week to go from grain to glass. Their brewery has been a dream three years in the making. They plan on inviting people in to see and taste their product.

"We can actually have tap room hours, which is fantastic because people can actually come buy a pint on our special openings," Dixon says.

"We feel really passionate about the city of Tyler itself. We also really enjoy the fact that we get to meet a whole new group of people and really expand the community around us because of the beer," says Lee.

For the men of True Vine Brewing Company, beer is an art and they hope you'll stop by to see what they're creating.

The men say their beer will hopefully be served in local restaurants by the end of December.

To learn more about the True Vine Brewing Company click here.

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