Accountant arrested in multi-million dollar theft from Texas bakery

Accountant arrested in multi-million dollar theft from Texas bakery
Sandy Jenkins
Sandy Jenkins

(KLTV) - The man accused of embezzling more than sixteen million dollars from a Texas bakery is in jail.

Sandy Jenkins, the former accountant for Collins Street Bakery in Corsicana was arrested Monday for mail fraud. He was fired from the bakery on June 21 when staff realized he had been writing false checks.

It's a lot of dough even for a bakery. 888 checks in total, equating to more than $16.5 million dollars. Jenkins allegedly began embezzling money in 2005.

"Sixteen million is a bunch of money to anybody and how did it happen? Gosh, wish we knew, it's just one of those things that happens and all the sudden you're aware of it," John Crawford, the bakery director, said.

According to the criminal complaint, Jenkins made it appear those checks were voided. The money would then go directly back to him, ultimately paying for a lavish lifestyle filled with expensive cars, two homes, and a watch collection worth millions.

"It's a sickening thing," Crawford said.

Authorities were finally tipped off when one of Jenkins' assistants at the bakery discovered a check made out to an unfamiliar bank. The FBI has been investigating ever since.

According to documents, Jenkins and his wife fled to Austin the day he was fired. They then hid out at their second home in New Mexico, taking with them that watch collection and other valuables.

The two returned to Austin to stay with their daughter, but she had already sought the advice of a lawyer.

Jenkins is being charged with mail fraud.

Jenkins appeared before a judge and waived his detention hearings.

The government has 30 days to present the case to the grand jury and, if indicted and convicted, Jenkins could face up to twenty years in federal prison.


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