It's time to "bee" literate with Literacy Council of Tyler

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Once again, it's time to "bee" literate, at the Literacy Council of Tyler's 22nd annual spelling bee.

This year, thirteen teams signed on to out-spell each other, and the competition was...well...competitive. Everyone was wondering if the three-time champion, Tyler Junior College, was going to walk away with it again.

All the teams made it to the third round before someone started using the wrong letters.

Trinity Mother Frances Hospital and Clinics was the first to be jettisoned.


"That's incorrect," stated the pronouncer.

She missed a "t." In the third round of the Literacy Council of Tyler's 22nd annual spelling bee, they began to fall.


"Incorrect," ruled the judges.

She added an "h." Tyler Pipe got a little sympathy, but it wasn't well received.

"A-f-r-i-g-h-t, affright."

"Incorrect," the judge said.

In the fifth round kinesiology, fluorescent, centennial knocked out three more.

In round six, flammeous and bouillabaisse burned two teams.

In round seven, ennui exported another team.

During round eight, acromegaly and balmacaan washed out two more, and then there were two: Ingersol Rand/Trane and Wilson Law Firm.

At this point misspellings didn't matter. They had to spell two correct in a row to win.

Edulcoration didn't help. Hamadryad didn't go over well either.


"Correct," said the judges.


"Correct," the judges ruled.

Wilson Law Firm took it.

So after a drawn-out battle, it came down to a game of chicken…dinners, anyway.

The tally isn't in yet, but the goal is to raise $60,000 for the Literacy Council of Tyler's 22nd annual spelling bee. About 500 people were in attendance.

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