Sinkhole in Downtown Tyler to cause further delays

Sinkhole in Downtown Tyler to cause further delays

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Workers have filled a massive sinkhole in Tyler that trapped a car earlier this afternoon. It began as a two foot wide, three foot deep pothole, but grew to a six foot wide, eight foot deep sinkhole as workers chipped away.

Traffic was backed up for a block in both directions at the intersection of Front Street and Broadway Avenue in Tyler around 4 P.M. Tuesday.

"When you go to cut into a road, in this part of town, once you get under the hot mix, you start cutting into the old brick streets, and you get the old concrete streets," Larry Krantz, The TX-DOT Public Information Officer, said.

They continued to cut away at the sinkhole hoping to find solid ground amidst the soft depths. By P.M. they decided it was just too big and filled it.

"But what we're going to be doing tonight is just going to be a temporary fix," Krantz said.

Drivers are encouraged to use caution in this area in the morning as officials will be out trying to determine the best way to permanently fix the problem.

"More extensive longer lasting lane closures are in the offing here once we identify what the issue is and figure out what it's going take to fix it," Krantz said.

Krantz said this could be just the tip of a much bigger issue, but further investigation is needed to tell.

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