Blind man builds dream home

Published: Jul. 10, 2013 at 9:57 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 8, 2013 at 10:04 PM CDT
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BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - Building his own home, it has been a lifelong dream, one that Thomas Graham, a Bullard resident, didn't think would ever come true. On a hot, Texas, summer day, Graham is fulfilling his vision.

"It's just a passion I've had for a long time to build my own house," Thomas Graham said.

He uses all the standard tools. It's quite the sight to see. Only, he can't see any of it.

"Nail guns are so much easier, especially if ya can't see."

You heard him right, Thomas Graham is blind.

"I can look right up at the sun and not even squint," he said.

Electric tools are easier for Thomas to use since he can just line them up and the machine does the work for him. Though he has help from his son and wife, most of the physical labor, is all him. He even poured the cement for the blocks beneath his home.

"If I decide that I wanna do something, then I figure out what I have to do to get it done," said Graham.

He's always had a hand for construction, but ever since an accident at the age of 18, he hasn't had the eyes to go with it.

"I've been to the hospital twice to get stitches in my fingers," Graham remembers.

It wasn't until Graham attended rehabilitation for the blind and met a teacher there that he realized construction wasn't over and neither was the dream of building his own house.

"I noticed when I shook hands with him that he had all of his fingers so I figured it was okay to learn from him," says Graham of his teacher.

The teacher was blind too and taught him all he needed to know to build.

"Even if you have some kind of setback you just keep moving forward."

That's just what he's done

"Cuz life's not over."

Neither is his work.

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