Does wearing sunglasses make you happier?

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Doctors have long said that being out in the sun can help brighten your mood.

But now, one study says if you're soaking up the sun without your sunglasses, it could actually be making you an angrier person.

So if you ever find yourself feeling a little bit grumpy while spending time outside, don't be too quick to blame it on the Texas summer heat.

A new study said that participants who did not wear sunglasses while outside were more likely to feel the emotions of anger and aggression than those who put on the shades.

"When you're outside and it's a bright sunny day, a typical Texas summer, it can be pretty bright and pretty intense," said Trinity Clinic Optometrist Josh Hooper. "That can cause eye fatigue over the course of a few hours."

Doctors said that wearing sunglasses not only blocks UV radiation from getting into your eyes, but they also allow the muscles in your face to relax.

But when you're not wearing the shades, doctors said all that light can cause your eyes to strain and the muscles around your eyes to tense up, causing irritation.

"A lot of your non-prescription sunglasses have good UV protection, and that can help with the comfort of the eyes," said Hooper. "But they can also over the course of years help in preventing a skin lesion, which is like a skin type cancer around your eyes."

Sporting shades can also help keep your eyes looking young.

"It would cut down on the strain that those muscles are undergoing and, I wouldn't say you would have less wrinkles, but they shouldn't be as prominent," said Hooper.

The verdict on whether wearing sunglasses actually makes you happier?

"People do seem to be happier when they're out in the sunlight," Hooper said. "But your eyes are more comfortable when you're wearing sunwear."

Eye doctors say the best way to fight eye irritation from a blinding glare of the sun is a good pair of polarized sunglasses.

"Any irritation that is in your life, constant nagging headaches, backaches, big rocks in your shoes, blurry vision, all can increase your feelings of anxiety and frustration," said Dr. Neshia Rudd of Today's Vision. "Walking around with a blinding glare from the sun and your eyes hurting, it would be normal for you to have some feelings of anger and aggression."

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