Now You See It: Prison inmates save guard from attack

Published: Jun. 26, 2013 at 3:33 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 25, 2013 at 3:33 PM CDT
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PHOENIX, AZ (KPNX/CNN) - A group of inmates at a jail in Phoenix came to the rescue of a detention officer who was under attack.

Officer Rachel Harris says her coworkers thought her request to return to work today was a little strange.

"When you get half your ear bit off, it's a little emotional; most people want their time off, but I'd just rather come back to work," Harris said.

Harris is sporting layers of bandages over her right ear after a man named Bobby Ruiz bit part of it off when she was doing a routine check of his cell.

In surveillance video, Harris can be seen walking into the cell before she was tackled by Ruiz.

"I was just getting ready to do a search, and I told him to come out and, as he came out, I walked in and then the next thing I know, he jumped on my back and pushed me to the ground and bit my ear," Harris recalls.

Harris says she has her rescuers to thank; a group of the very inmates she keeps tabs on, who heard her cry for help.

"So I ran up the staircase, ran up my sandals, they were all over the place, ran up there, and while I was running, I heard her scream," one recalls.

Harris says, "I felt him being pulled off of me, and I knew that they were helping me."

Andrew Davis hurt his hand trying to subdue Ruiz.

"He tried to go back in and tackle her. I pulled him again, and we ended up fighting trying to keep him off of her. And I noticed I seen the fear in her face, and I was kind of like going off of adrenaline because I could see how scared she was," he said.

A helping hand from what many would thing is an unlikely place.

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