FBI issues nationwide search for 'Loan Ranger Bandit'

The FBI is ramping up their search for a bank robber believed to have hit at least 10 banks and credit unions in three different states.

He's been dubbed the "Loan Ranger Bandit" by authorities. That's because he's often seen wearing a Texas Rangers baseball cap and has made a habit out of robbing banking institutions that offer loans.

"It's believed that he has robbed banks not only in the East Texas area, but also Central Texas, Arkansas and as far away as Mississippi," says Tyler Police Officer Doyle Lynch.

Each time, the Loan Ranger Bandit gives the cameras a good look at his face. It's a bold move that tells law enforcement one thing.

"It leads you to believe he's not from around here and that he has no fear anyone around here will recognize him or knows him," Lynch says.

The Loan Ranger Bandit is believed to be responsible for the August 2011 Altra Federal Credit Union Robbery in Tyler as well as the BBVA Compass bank robbery last May.

Though his clothing varies, the bandit's composure does not... whether he's in Tyler, Temple, Round Rock or Wichita Falls. That behavior leads one psychotherapist to believe the Loan Ranger really is a smooth criminal.

"He's good at this. I think there is a lot of plotting that he does and I think he wants everyone to know that he's good at this," said psycho-therapist Susan Cason-Parks when we spoke with her about the robber's behavior in July 2012.

Despite how good he's proven himself to be, authorities are determined to have him caught and could use the public's help.

"Communicate with friends and family outside this state to see if that can also spark some interest or memories to give us an idea of who this person is," says Officer Lynch.

The FBI says the Loan Ranger Bandit is in his early 30s, about 5' 7" to 6' tall, with light brown hair. They say he weighs approximately 200 lbs and has a mole or mark above his right eye.

The FBI adds he may drive a Maroon Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck with a thin white pinstripe around the truck bed.

A slide show of photos of the Loan Ranger Bandit in actions cane be found here.

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