Van ISD employee injured in gun accident released from hospital

VAN, TX (KLTV) - According to an ETMC spokesperson, the Van ISD employee injured in yesterday's accidental shooting has been released from the hospital.

Multiple sources, including teachers at Van ISD, and from the employee's family, tell us that the employee is Glenn Geddie, who works in the maintenance department for Van ISD.

Back in January, the Van Independent School District school board authorized "certain school employees and other persons" to carry authorized firearms on school property.

"We are going to go above and beyond on all out training," said Van Superintendent Don Dunn in January. "We're going to start training immediately. It will be every employee who is approved to carry."

Dunn also said in January that they are all concerned something could go wrong with this plan, but the possibility of an attack on campus outweighs that fear.

Van ISD released the following statement on the incident:

At the conclusion of the CHL training on February 27, 2013, one certified person stayed for private instruction with the instructor and had a mechanical malfunction with his weapon. With the assistance of the instructor, the malfunction was addressed, but the gun misfired and the bullet ricocheted coming back to strike the VISD employee in the left leg. The VISD employee was attended to at the scene and transferred to Tyler for further treatment. The injury is not life threatening or disabling. Because of privacy and security issues we cannot make any further statement.

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