Surveillance systems installed on Kilgore ISD buses

Surveillance systems installed on Kilgore ISD buses

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - The wheels on the bus go round and round, and so do the cameras. Kilgore Independent School District has installed a state-of-the-art camera system in nearly all their buses. Each equipped bus now has three cameras keeping a watchful eye on students and drivers.

The cameras will provide a permanent record of everything that happens in the buses, and if the students aren't careful, it may end up on their permanent record.

"You have not only three cameras inside the bus that record both audio and video; you also have a GPS that's on the bus. So when you pull video, you can tell where the bus was," said Jody Sanders, Transportation Director for Kilgore ISD.

The bus is tracked and recorded as soon as the engine is started, tracking information about blinker usage,speed, brakes, and even the swinging stop sign. The cameras are positioned so that everything can be seen, including the driver. It's all recorded on a memory card.

"You can take a short clip of the video and I can email it to the respective campuses in the event they need to view a video," Sanders stated.

And if someone decides the video should come up missing, they'll have a tough time of it.

"You can't retrieve the card without having a key to unlock it," Sanders stated.

Kilgore ISD is not hiding the cameras; in fact they want everyone on the bus to know they are there to make them think twice before making a bad decision.  The system is even effective after the sun goes down, thanks to night vision capabilities.

The entire set-up cost around $45,000.

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