Warrant issued for East Texas woman charged with bigamy

A warrant has been issued for an East Texas woman charged with bigamy after she didn't show up for court on Monday.

Candice Andrade, 32 of Kilgore, was arrested in Gregg County on November 15 and released the same day.

In June 2011, two men said they discovered they were married to Andrade at the same time. They found a third husband in Houston. Then, in November 2011, they discovered a fourth.

The men claimed Andrade left their marriages and themselves in shambles. One claimed Andrade was "going from guy to guy, ripping them off."

In June 2012, KLTV sat down for an exclusive interview with Andrade. She claimed she never stole anything from the men. She also claimed she left two of the marriages because of abuse, and that she filed divorce papers for all of the marriages.

When asked if she knew she was committing bigamy, Andrade said, "I did know." Andrade said she has a medical condition that causes memory lapse.

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