Problem in your neighborhood? Report and track the issue

Problem in your neighborhood? Report and track the issue

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Smith County has adopted a new method for residents to report non-emergency issues like pot holes or dangerous intersections.

It's called SeeClickFix. All you have to do is log on from your computer or a smart device and report the problem you want to see fixed.

That's exactly what Teresa Conley did. Conley said she had a problem with standing water in a culvert for years, until she stumbled upon SeeClickFix. She posted her problem through the web-based tool and within less than a month the issue was fixed.

"We got concerned about it a little bit more when issues with West Nile Virus and mosquitoes started coming about," Conley said.

She said one of the biggest problems was not knowing who to contact.

"We had an issue with not knowing who, whether it was state or county and looking it up and being referred different places," Conley said.

That is when she started searching online and found the web-based tool, SeeClickFix. She reported the standing water issue along with a picture and then, she tracked it.

"It was like within a few days someone posted saying they were referring it. So, it got referred a couple of times and then I got the posting saying that you know, it was going to get fixed," Conley said.

When she saw the heavy equipment out in the culvert, she said immediately wanted to start telling East Texans about her success with SeeClickFix. 
"It's to help our citizens; they are the bosses and pay the bills up here and it will just give them a quicker way to contact us so we can cure the problems," said Pct. 2 County Commissioner Cary Nix.  
So, what if you do not live in Smith County? No problem. Commissioner Nix said go ahead and report the issue and they will make sure it gets to the right person.  
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