Paranormal team investigates ETX historic jail

Paranormal team investigates ETX historic jail

PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - An old historic East Texas jail is opening their doors for a haunted house this Halloween, with a little bit of a paranormal twist to the tour.

"Everyone from young to old, this community is going to have a fantastic time in something that has been very exclusive," said Jeremy Janz, the organizer of 'Haunted Little Town Walking Tours.'

But now, new owners of the historic Palestine Jail are opening the doors to everyone for a spooky Halloween tour.

"When we communicate with the spirits we communicate with them with the utmost respect, just like I would with you or anybody else," said paranormal investigator Clay Henderson.

Clay and Barbara Henderson are professional paranormal investigators who say the City of Palestine is a hub for paranormal activity.

After investigating the local hospital and theater, they are shocked at what their camera lens captured.

"We might take 3,000 photos, we will probably shoot six hours of video, when we get through we might get one photo," said Clay.

One photo that is undeniable, that's all the Henderson's are hoping for after investigating the jail tomorrow night.

"I welcome anybody to take them [photos], poke them with a stick, dissect them, do whatever they want.  I have, in my opinion, absolute proof, beyond a shadow of a doubt, of life after death," said Clay.

With proof of human activity in the jail, the Hendersons are now looking for the spirits behind the names written on the roof.

"Yes, I will invite them to come talk to me. Yes, I will invite them to come show themselves. I will do everything in my power to see if I can get them to," said Barbara.

The evidence will be available to everyone who takes the haunted tour.

To get more information on the Palestine Jail Halloween tour, go to our homepage and click on the Big Red Box.

There you will find a link that says, 'Haunted Little Town Walking Tours,' which will take you to the page where you can get more information and buy tickets.

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