Texas Forestry Museum unveils East Texas wildfires exhibit

Texas Forestry Museum unveils East Texas wildfires exhibit

Last year was the worst season for wildfires since the Texas Forest Service started keeping records in 1922. The Texas Forestry Museum began an exhibit Saturday to illustrate just how destructive those September wildfires were.

"We have been working for some time on an exhibit idea to show the 2011 wildfire season in Texas," Carol Riggs, a spokesperson for the Texas Forestry Museum, said. "We contacted 'Art from the Ashes,' who put this exhibit together, and arranged with them to bring it here."

"Art from the ashes got together with Texas artists and communities affected by the wildfires to make one-of-a-kind pieces. These reclaimed materials from fire sites in Bastrop have been traveling in this exhibit since April. Before the Bastrop wildfires, the Bearing Fire was the largest wildfire East Texas had ever seen.

"We focused on two fires as contrast," Riggs said. "One was the Bastrop fire, and one was the Bearing fire, and we've showed the statistics between the two of those. And then we also look at all of the people that helped fight those fires and kind of the history of the detection, prevention, and suppression of wildfires and how that has changed through time."

Texas firefighters and volunteers do all they can to help battle fires. "Art from the Ashes" and the Texas Forestry Museum want to do all they can to help, too."

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