New John Tyler Principal Talks With Parents

For students, it's the middle of summer vacation, but for John Tyler High School's new principal, it's time to get ready for the school year.

Principal Michael McFarland invited a group of parents and Booster Club members to a brainstorming session Monay night at the school. The group talked about a number of different topics related to the school and their kids. McFarland said he is hoping to use the session as a way to involve parents in decisions on campus.

"I think that's probably the most important thing that I can do is take time to listen.  I could have gone into my office and created a plan and not included anyone," he said "The problem is you don't get ideas and opinions and people don't understand where you are going and I think it's important that before we start to go anywhere, people are onboard and support where we're going."

McFarland said he hopes to continue to meet with parents and Booster Club members throughout the school year.

Chris Gibson, reporting