Republican Leaders Talk Of Reagan Influence

Ronald Reagan's death has created a tremendous outpouring of reflection about the former President's life and time in office. From former members of his cabinet, to current members of the Bush administration and even those who only knew him in passing, all have strong memories about their time with the president.

Many have talked about the tremendous influence he had not only on those he came in contact with, but on the country as a whole. One of those who claims Reagan had an affect on his future is current State Senator Kevin Eltife. KLTV spoke with Eltife about what the former President meant to him.

"I think that's what everybody reflects on is that he creates so much optimism for our country and he did that for my age group," he said "I think he definitely inspired me to be in public office and he inspired me to want to embrace the way he led the country and I think he did that for a lot of people."

Eltife never had a chance to meet the former President. He believes much of what he tries to do with his office comes from ideas created by Reagan.

Chris Gibson, reporting