Lon Morris College: Open for Business

Lon Morris College: Open for Business

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - Lon Morris College in Jacksonville will be holding classes as usual this fall. The oldest Junior College in Texas just released its calendar for the year, and its slated start date is August 29.

Lon Morris College is getting a good spring cleaning, even though it doesn't really feel much like spring. It's in preparation for a couple things: students returning for learning August 29, and potential investors who may want "...acquisition, or merger, or partnership with Lon Morris College. Therefore, Lon Morris College is very eager to present ourselves in the best possible manner," said Dean Dave Hubbard.

A firm called Capstone will be showing the college to anyone interested in investing in Lon Morris's future, and they could show up at any time. If you've ever sold a house you know just what that is all about.

"We've got to be looking good at all times and that's what our plan is and our goal is," Hubbard stated.

The dorms are almost ready to be occupied.

"We won't have near as many teachers as we did this spring, or the 2011-2012 academic year, but there will be the academic offering that will complete the core requirements for our students. The fall schedule has been finalized and students are urged to register at this time," Hubbard said.

And if there are a lot of students, more teachers will be hired.

Dr. John Ross is your contact if you want to register.

"Whatever it might be, we want to put our best foot forward and show all the traditions and overall mission statement and the vision of Lon Morris College that we've had for many, many decades," Hubbard added.

Lon Morris is doing everything it can to remain the oldest active Junior College in the State of Texas.

There are still no plans for an athletic program and no plans for a cafeteria. Tuition is one-third cheaper.

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