Retired dentist says 'We just got in a fight and I screwed up'

Retired dentist says 'We just got in a fight and I screwed up'
Rosiland and Bobby Nichols. Europe June 2012.
Rosiland and Bobby Nichols. Europe June 2012.

The retired East Texas dentist who confessed to shooting and killing his wife last Friday said he was fully aware of his actions when he killed her and that he is going to miss her.

Police say Nichols fatally shot his wife at their home in Tyler after an argument.

According to the affidavit kept in Bobby Nichols' file at the Smith County Jail, 15 minutes after killing his wife, Rosiland Nichols, Bobby Nichols called 911 asking for an ambulance and for the sheriff to come arrest him.

The affidavit goes on to explain Nichols had spent Friday afternoon at Willowbrook Country Club. Nichols said he had one drink there, and then went to Dakota's Chop House restaurant on South Broadway where he met friends and had more drinks before going home around 5 p.m.

Nichols told police that when he got home, Rosiland began arguing with him about how he was "staying gone every Friday." He said the argument lasted for hours. Nichols said Rosiland kept following him around the house, nagging him, and eventually told him to leave their home. Nichols said he told Rosiland he did not have to leave his own home. Nichols told police he then went out to his truck and grabbed his Smith & Wesson 9mm semi-automatic handgun and put it in his pocket. According to Nichols, he went back inside the house and asked Rosiland not to fight with him anymore. He said she continued to nag him so he shot her twice.

Dr. Nichols told the Associated Press Friday he regrets fatally shooting his wife.

"We just got in a fight and I screwed up and killed her with a gun," Nichols told the Associated Press.

Nichols said he doesn't really "remember what happened" before the shooting Friday, June 29, describing it as "almost like blacking out." He said he had hoped it was only a dream.

According to the affidavit, Nichols pulled the trigger three times, but the gun malfunctioned and only fired twice. He said Rosiland was sitting on the couch in the their formal living room at the time of the incident. Nichols told police after he shot Rosiland twice in the abdomen, she immediately grabbed her stomach area, said "Oh hell," and slumped over.

Nichols said he sat Rosiland back up and saw that she was gasping for air. Nichols said he attempted to giver her "mouth to mouth" but she was dead. He placed the gun on the couch beside her, waited 15 minutes, then called authorities.

Nichols explained to police that Rosiland "wouldn't shut up" and he shot her. He said he "had all he could handle" but he knew he shouldn't have done it and he'll miss her.

During interviews, Nichols told police that he is not insane and was fully aware of his actions. Police said Nichols showed remorse by crying and stated that he ruined everyone's life in their family. Nichols said that he was guilty and deserved whatever punishment the law gave him for killing his wife.

Nichols was booked into jail on June 30 and released on July 3. He posted a bond of $750,000. The conditions of his bond prohibit Nichols from using or possessing any illegal drug or alcohol, possessing a weapon, or communicating with Rosiland's family. Nichols is required to submit to weekly drug and alcohol testing by the Smith County Adult Probation Department.

Bobby and Rosiland Nichols were married for 26 years.

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