Questions remain after Tyler dentist confesses to wife's murder

Published: Jun. 30, 2012 at 3:19 AM CDT|Updated: Dec. 31, 2012 at 9:40 PM CST
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A retired Tyler dentist has been charged with murder after confessing to killing his wife.

This happened around 9 pm, Friday, in the 3400 block of Allen Drive near south Tyler.

Their home is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood. 

Doctor Bobby Nichols,75, is a retired Tyler dentist who shared this home with his 71-year old wife, Rosiland Nichols.
Neighbors said they lived next to the Nichols' for years and never suspected a thing.
"We came out here and my neighbor was driving around; we were all talking. We are all real close around here and he told us what happened and we couldn't believe," said neighbor Sonorah Duty. 
But behind closed doors, police said an argument Friday night led to Rosiland's death.
According to police, Nichols arrived at his home around 5pm and prior to the shooting, there was an argument between the two, Nichols went out to his vehicle to get his gun and went back into the residence. Then, after further argument, Nichols shot Rosiland twice.
After the shooting, authorities said Dr. Nichols called 911. 
"The husband stated that he had shot his wife. Officers responded to the scene, came down here and did find his wife had been shot inside the residence," Martin said. 
This is the first time police have responded to any type of violence at the Nichols' home.
"We haven't had any prior calls in the past to any type of family violence or disturbances or anything," Martin said. 
As many East Texans cope with the death of a friend, the question still lingers, "Why?"

Just last month Bobby and Rosiland vacationed in Europe with the Tyler Junior College Alumni Association. Both had strong ties to the school.

Bobby spent 9 years as a supervising dentist in TJC's dental hygiene program.

Rosiland, a 1960 graduate, was popular and loved by many classmates. She was an Apache Belle, voted sophomore class favorite and was first runner up as most beautiful Apache student.

The couple were members at First Christian Church in Tyler where they were married many years ago. This November would have been their 27th wedding anniversary.

Those who knew the Nichols for decades did not go on camera, but said they were a seemingly devoted couple whose tragic end has left so many shocked, saddened and still wondering what happened.


Click here for the press release.

Nichols has been charged with murder. His bond has been set at $750,000.

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