UPDATE: Trailer with NASA telescope parts possibly found

UPDATE: Trailer with NASA telescope parts possibly found

PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - UPDATE: Late Wednesday night, WFAA is reporting that Dallas Police may have found the trailer containing the telescope parts.


Some University of Minnesota students are scratching their heads after several years of research, in the form of a high tech balloon telescope, has vanished.

The telescope was a project of The University of Minnesota's school of Physics and Astronomy; it's a NASA-funded project with ties to East Texas.

The telescope was en route from Minnesota to Palestine, Texas, where NASA has a balloon research facility. It was being transported in a semi-trailer, but after three days, the trailer never made it to Palestine.

UM student Naomi Roach spoke with WFAA-8, and said, "It can't fly without this. These are the detectors. This is the telescope that's taking pictures of the sky. You don't have a telescope, you're not taking pictures of the sky."

The driver of the truck could not be reached by his company on Monday, according to WFAA, so they sent a team to Texas to find him and the multi-million dollar equipment he was responsible for.

He was found in a truck stop on I-20 in Dallas on Wednesday, but the trailer itself was not there.

Roach also told WFAA that if they don't get the telescope to Antarctica by August, the project may be a complete loss.

Dallas Police Department told WFAA that they are investigating the incident.

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