Power Of Prayer: New Gate

Power Of Prayer: New Gate

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

"This is called New Gate, and literally we get students to come and hang out, and we talk about the Bible. We do three things, we pray, we repent and we respond to whatever God tells us to do," said Pastor Larry Williams.

Pastor Williams organized the weekly student-led Bible study.

He says "My goal here is to actually see the students do everything. We just show up."

The students get together every week to plan their lesson and encourage each other to stay focused.

17-year old Noah Reagh told us "I was going down the path of partying, and I was going down the path of drinking and sex and drugs, and I was going to be down that path. But He grabbed me and He knocked on the door of my heart."

16-year old Christian Adair says "God will call you and if you're not listening He'll reach down and grab you. God wants all of His children and if you're missing out, it's a shame."

The environment is electric, and the teens are all engaged.

Something Pastor Williams says is pretty difficult to explain, adding "Everyone that comes to me and asks 'what are you doing on Thursday nights,' I say we do New Gate at Spring Hill High School. They're like 'you can do that?' I'm like 'yea, we can do it.'"

The Students admit not everyone at Spring Hill High welcomes them with open arms.

But they aren't discouraged, because they're on a mission.

The group holds meetings every Thursday at 6:45 P.M. in the Spring Hill High School Library.

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