Many East Texans felt the earthquake's rattles

Many East Texans felt the earthquake's rattles
Did you know you can also track earthquakes with your KLTV 7 Weather App?
Did you know you can also track earthquakes with your KLTV 7 Weather App?


The earthquake was centered about a mile west of Timpson, close enough to cause brick damage at Kyle Adkinson's house in Garrison.
"I walked out and noticed that part of the edge of the house, the north-facing end, the bricks actually cracking. You can see the bricks broke in half, so it's pretty bad," said Adkinson.
Down the street, his neighbor had a porch pillar knocked off-center.
"I just didn't know what it was. I thought maybe it was a wreck up on the highway, but it was just too much shaking going on the ground," said Bud Phillips.
Seventy-five miles away at the UT Health Science Center in Tyler, Karsha Bartee, was sitting in her classroom.
"All of the sudden we felt a big jolt," said Bartee. "Initially my first thought was that it's an earthquake, but being that we're in Texas I assumed, no it can't be an earthquake."
Bartee's from California and knew immediately what the rattles were.
"I said it was an earthquake and no one believed me at first," she said.
Miles away, Sandra Handley says she felt the earth move. For a moment, she thought she was off her rocker.
"I felt a jolt and I thought wow this is some good coffee this morning, I'm waking up quick!" said Handley. "Actually I thought I was losing my mind I thought I'm hallucinating. I've stayed up too many nights, I'm hallucinating." 
Now, she knows what she felt was real. She was sitting here when it happened. 
"I just took a sip of my coffee and the chair went like this and the walls shook and I said what is going on?" said Handley. 
A morning that shook Handley and many other East Texans awake.
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